Arduino & Physical Computing

1 minute read

I gave a talk last week introducing the Arduino platform to some MQ students and staff. It seemed to go well and there is a bit of interest in carrying on with a regular meetup in the Electronics labs - more details to come when we organise a time. Meanwhile, here are my slides from the talk, not that they’re very informative by themselves but I wanted to try out slideshare.

Some of the projects that we demo’d on friday were:

  • James’ tweet powered colour changing LEDs
  • James’ temperature sensitive LED - breath on it and make it glow red.
  • Steve’s LCD twitter display - display your latest twitter post on a small LCD screen.
  • Steve’s Lego/Arduino hybrid driving lego motors with an Arduino motor shield
  • Steve’s three wheeled bot with IR distance sensors visualised using a processing program on the desktop
  • The Blimpduino that floated around the room as I talked - not finished yet and inflated for the first time on Friday.

Send me mail or leave a comment if you’re interested in playing with some of this stuff. We should have a few boards available when we meet in the lab, so you don’t need your own gear.