Speaker Tracking In Meetings

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This is a potential project idea for an Honours or Masters student. It might also form the core of a PhD project.

I have an ongoing project looking at processing speech recorded in meeting rooms. There are a number of student projects which could be built around this data. Here are some possible projects suitable for Honours

  • Tracking speakers through a series of meetings. Given a series of meetings with a stable but changing group of people, we would like to model the speakers in the meetings and for any meeting decide who is present and mark their speech turns. This would involve working with audio signals and building speaker models as well as working with the results of an existing speech segmentation system.
  • Integrating multiple microphone signals to improve speaker segmentation. This will involve quite a bit of low level audio processing so would be suitable for someone who had an interest in numerical algorithms. There is some existing code to build upon so you wouldn’t be starting from scratch.