RDF Path Languages

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The world is moving quickly towards defining a path language for RDF and maybe for other more general directed graphs. Here’s a few references:

  • Pondering RDFPath which reviews a few proposals
  • This thread on www-rdf-rules which is where the above reference comes from, contains a bunch of other references and some encouragement.
  • A reference to my Extreme paper noting that IsaViz (an RDF visualisation/authoring tool) is an interesting use case for a graph path language.
  • Simon St Laurent talks about the need to work directly with graphs instead of forcing data into trees.
  • Treehugger is a Saxon extension to allow XPath expressions to be evaluated over RDF data. Another example of pretending the RDF is a tree, as in Normal Walsh’s RDFTwig.
  • RDFT and RDF Templating proposal that includes a NodePath expression language, eg: