Extreme Markup 2003: Tutorial

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Having arrived in Montreal after an Airport Ordeal in Detroit and slept very well at the Bed and Breakfast I turned up at the Hilton a little late for Jonathan Robie’s all day XQuery tutorial. This was a pretty full-on session with Jonathan working through various ways of querying XML data (or relational data as XML) before going into detail about XQuery. What was useful was to hear about why some things were done in the design of XQuery and finding out about some of the lesser known features of the language. There’s plenty of material here which will turn up in my lectures later this semester!

Afterwards I wandered down to the Old Port of Montreál, there’s a nice feeling down there although it’s clearly the tourist area of town. Then back to the B&B via Chinatown where I had my first non-steak dinner in a week.