Tcler’s Dinner

less than 1 minute read

Had a great dinner chat with Jean-Claude Wippler and Dan Steffan. JC is the author of MetaKit, Starkit and many other interesting things and was visiting Sydney on vacation. Dan is the MacTcl maintainer who works here at MQ and does some things on my projects when I have money to pay him.

We talked a lot about Tcl package organisation and deployment. Starkit now provides single file deployment of Tcl code on almost any platform — Dan and JC talked about ironing out the final wrinkles on Mac OSX which seemed to be feasable. Starkit’s use the same (or almost the same) package layout as I described in TIP55 and also include a standard place to put the ‘main’ script for an application.

I’m feeling very motivated to get CANTCL working properly and get a package repository up and going. I just need to find some time of course…